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Have You Fucked With G00gle Today?
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The Wall

Sorry to hear about your dog shocked

Last edited by Onchu, 3 hours ago

That is worrying shocked, they need to watch McGyver yes

Last edited by Onchu, 3 hours ago

A Tale of Forbidden Love by ZQ

At an early age our Eddie had an unhealthy appetite for oreos:

yes, at one time Eddie WAS a little girl...

Drugs or Oreos? He managed to combine the two...


But as with all addictions, it had a dark side


With violence.....



It was a love gone wrong



Mods all over KAT have secretly replaced oreo frosting with toothpaste and "other" things


Please help us save Eddie from himself, report any oreos on the site and DO NOT feed Eddie any oreos, actions will be taken against your account.
Team KickAss


How bout some cheesy poofs then? shockedlol
You are the biggest cheesy poof here deartittertongueboo

Why oh why cant we have boobies!!! crycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycry
I see daniel is back to normal.....loltitter
men are pigs, i know boo

Yep dumb sure is funny!
Maybe he meant Carp... gotta love the State Schooled helpers! :/

Last edited by Crepitusish, 2 days ago

Thanx mate... but its tuesday :)

You guys just carry on without me....
Turn the lights off when done and dont let the mice out.. and stay the fk outta my tootsie rolls!!! huffymad

Copy that.

Firewater - hey clown

(What can you say about our country?)

Once I was happy and I felt no pain
Sang like a sparrow in the pouring rain
Someday those days are coming back again
When you are history

Look like some kind of fallen chimpanzee
Who was it kicked you from the ugly tree?
What makes you think that you're the boss of me?
Why don't you go away?

Everybody say
Hey, clown
We're gonna put you in the ground
We had it all and then you blew it all away
Everybody say
Hey, clown
You turned our happy upside-down
We're gonna burn your flag and piss on your parade
(Piss on your parade)

There's something that I just got to say to you
These are the worst times that I ever knew
And all my troubles are because of you
And your pathetic crew

Every time I see you on my TV screen
I wanna disappear or run and scream
And your existence is the worst bad dream
that I ever knew
This guy has been married! lmao! :) Reminds me of the "everything I hate about you" song..clap
While was looking at that since have to do a pile of shit to let g00gle attach to me, I did see a cool band on same page.. forgot the name byt was called "run" i think.. techno but started jamming at the end.,.

ok then..

Illuminati confirmed by one of its new recruits, this one is right up your street!!!
what have you done O sweet child of mine, the clowns are throwing party all they way to you sweat

The girl in that youtube video is a comedy genius, been watching her videos all day they're hilarious. She wants everyone to stop speaking languages and just speak Americanish coz British speak it already just with a weird accent!!roflrofl
Mrs. Creepy lol

Edit: Correction- Little Miss Creepy rofl

Last edited by kgpian, 3 days ago

PP I could spend a week watching tards.. Wait.. I already do that here! facepalmimage

This child has issues! lmfao!!!!!!!!
Seriously funny though. Check out the amount of them, literally hundreds It takes a brains to come up with that lot, some of the stuff is so dumb it takes people a few minutes to realize what shes on about.

Look how long it takes this guy to cop its weight not currency she is about.
OMG is that real? rofl That has to be the funniest (albeit saddest) thing I've ever seen.titterrofl
Its a double whammy, she is pretending and he is falling for it hook, line and sinker!!

Who's the smarter one in that case?
I have now sat in a wet spot.. and this time.. its my own. lolcrycry

just something to refresh you after so much hot sauce rofl


Do it right damnit!!!! lol

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