Michael Moore envies Canada — for its chocolate bars

Fahrenheit 11/9 director Michael Moore, a proud American feeling Trumped by political misfortune, is lamenting his lack of dual citizenship with Canada when I meet him during the recent Toronto International Film Festival. “My grandfather was Canadian,” the moviemaker from Flint, Mich., says by way of a greeting, as he works through a series of […]

Exercise should work out the brain and the body

By Prof. Darlene ReidSpecial to the Star Mon., June 18, 2018 Research shows Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease — or COPD — can affect more than your ability to breathe. It can also affect your ability to multi-task. COPD, which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, develops over time and leads to shortness of breath as a […]

How I survived my two-week digital diet

By Ofelia LegaspiSpecial to the Star Fri., Nov. 13, 2015 I’m a Millennial and I’m lucky. I was born in 1984, right on the cusp of the tech takeover. I recall text-commanded DOS computers, the grating sound of dial-up Internet and the advent of the first clunky cellphones the size of cordless receivers. Ofelia Legaspi […]

Brazil in unusual territory as it opens World Cup play with draw

By Tales AzzoniThe Associated Press Mon., June 18, 2018 SOCHI, RUSSIA—This is unfamiliar territory for five-time World Cup champion Brazil. The last time it didn’t win its first game in a World Cup, Pele had just retired from soccer. The “Selecao” had won every one of its opening matches since 1978, a year after “The […]