Ed the Sock wants to disrupt television — again

This is the second instalment of On Location, a series about art that thrives in creative spaces. Ed the Sock is giving a tour of his Thornhill, Ont., bungalow. The cosy home is filled with an immense toy collection, and also houses a dusty cabinet that is essentially the Ed The Sock museum. It features […]

First Afro-German detective on Germany’s oldest TV crime show

“Being here now is a dream come true,” said Florence Kasumba, referring to the filming which has just ended for the new Tatort show, in which she is the first black lead detective to appear. She stars alongside Maria Furtwängler, another famous German actress, with the two of them tracking down criminals in the German city […]

How I survived my two-week digital diet

By Ofelia LegaspiSpecial to the Star Fri., Nov. 13, 2015 I’m a Millennial and I’m lucky. I was born in 1984, right on the cusp of the tech takeover. I recall text-commanded DOS computers, the grating sound of dial-up Internet and the advent of the first clunky cellphones the size of cordless receivers. Ofelia Legaspi […]