The newest way to check the time: on your wrist

If Stacy Crawford wants to know the time, she — like many others — pulls out her phone. But in the Eaton Centre’s Michael Kors shop, she points to the case of large-faced wristwatches. “I like the look of these. It’s jewelry. I suppose if I had one, I could make myself do this,” says […]

Hello Barbie: Internet connection the latest trend in toys

Barbie has been a chef, a fashion designer and an explorer — and now she can tell kids all about her careers. Hello Barbie, an Internet-connected version of the classic doll that can have real conversations with children, made her debut at the New York Toy Fair. Hello Barbie, an internet-connected doll kids can have […]

Michael Moore envies Canada — for its chocolate bars

Fahrenheit 11/9 director Michael Moore, a proud American feeling Trumped by political misfortune, is lamenting his lack of dual citizenship with Canada when I meet him during the recent Toronto International Film Festival. “My grandfather was Canadian,” the moviemaker from Flint, Mich., says by way of a greeting, as he works through a series of […]

The 5 best grocery stores in Toronto to find your soul mate

Looking for love? Try aisle nine! Grocery stores are the bars of the daytime; they’re a great place to spot someone you like, strike up a conversation, and, all being well, make plans for later. Looking for love? Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens offers a great selection of young working professionals….  (Tom Sandler) Serana Amin, 28, […]

Ed the Sock wants to disrupt television — again

This is the second instalment of On Location, a series about art that thrives in creative spaces. Ed the Sock is giving a tour of his Thornhill, Ont., bungalow. The cosy home is filled with an immense toy collection, and also houses a dusty cabinet that is essentially the Ed The Sock museum. It features […]

Of space and time: a new opera in Bayreuth

The tale can be read out loud in four minutes. In the version with music, choreography, video production and singing, it takes one hundred minutes. A flurry of gentle, rapid notes envelop listeners seated in an old movie theater as musicians perform to the audience’s left and right. A dancer shares the stage space with video projections that […]